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Everyone is starting over, trying to forget the horrors that happened. Play type: action selection, grid movement, worker placement. Change ). ( Log Out /  Scythe is a game about efficiency, and your player board is essentially an efficiency puzzle with results that play out on the main board. The end was nigh, and I had spread myself in anticipation, but even so, there was no way I could end the game on my turn… or was there! Check out artistic genius Jakub Rozalski's retro-futuristic illustrations. As soon as a game ended, and scoring complete, I really wanted to crack-on and play again. The ashes from the Great War still darken the snow in 1920’s Europa. The more obvious is a location with a tunnel, place some resources here and you’ll suddenly become the focus of certain players’ attention – those who could really use those barrels of oil you’ve just enticingly placed! Fill in your details below or click an icon to log in: You are commenting using your WordPress.com account. Change ), You are commenting using your Twitter account. For the most part, I’d expect gamers to know what they are getting with this product. If the territory only contains another’s workers, then they will automatically be sent to their home base and you lose 1 popularity for each worker, and you gain control of any resources left behind. Once in a combat situation you better be prepared to put your poker face on, because it’s often a case of trying to second guess what your opponent is going to do. In Scythe, players have their leader miniature and two workers available at the start of the game. Creating or placing resources in a vulnerable location is just asking for someone to pounce, especially if they can spend those resources on their move bottom row action. This is more of a perception of imbalance than a reality, and it depends upon how the players develop the game. The Player Mats may all have the same top and bottom row actions, but they are paired up differently, and the bottom row costs will also vary. I place my action token on the produce section of the Player Mat. If you’re familiar with how the game plays, then feel free to take the bottom action and upgrade yourself straight to, ‘So, what do I think?’, I think the best way to show how the game plays is through an example turn or two, so here goes…. Which Mech ability should I uncover first? Connect! It’s this attention to detail that makes the production stand out. I must pay a coin to gain any two resources, which I place on territories containing a worker (workers are not a resource and cannot be gained by taking the trade action). Timing is everything. The Factory is a special territory located at the centre of the board. ‘A picture paints a thousand words,’ and that’s certainly true here; more often than not I found myself telling a simple tale of what was happening within the scene, and I thought it was a good way to keep the theme alive. For example: On the Patriotic Mat you may do a Trade top row action, and then pay to do a Build bottom row action, whilst on the Mechanical Mat, Upgrade is the bottom action. I can’t put my finger on exactly why, but I found the game somewhat addictive. The Great War is over and we are rebuilding. Solo Automa. So there you have it, my first real review. The big reveal – I had nothing to show on my dial, a big fat zero, and my power card was a lowly number two. The 2-player game definitely allows you to hone your skills, and in one way reminded me of chess – the best way to improve, is to play people who are good at the game, and learn from them. Created in 2016 by Jamey Stegmaier, it’s still a relatively new game that offers up to two hours of play and is suitable for up to five players and is recommended for players aged 14 and over. You are rebuilding your faction and there’s a palpable tension of war in the air. If you … The game is based on the fantastic artwork of Jakub Różalski, which generates an interesting atmosphere of mechs and civilians working and living together. I picked up a mech and moved it casually into one of his territories; he glanced up at me and frowned. Let’s start with some clarifications then. In an alternate history 1920’s, players are in control of nations rebuilding after the World War. Playing time: Solo games can be as quick as 20-minutes, and 2-player games often come in under an hour. Scythe has a lot of moving parts but there is a tutorial that lays everything out for you. The moves carried out below are not necessarily the best available, but are done to show how the game works. Here are a few of my thoughts about the experience: (+) - The overall feel of the experience was similar to playing against real opponents. A worthy opponent that feels like a real opponent, Very tense and tight game with a real challenge, If you buy more decks you can play against more Automa’s, The movement for Automa units doesn’t feel intuitive, You need to have multiplayer games under your belt to be able to understand the Automa better, This game is so good I’m having trouble thinking of negatives. I would really like to deploy a Mech, but to do this I need 3 Steel, so I need to work towards that aim. Also, unless you’re playing the Saxony Empire, you can only place two stars maximum from combat. There’s a lovely flow to it; you can see exactly where you will be in three or four turns time – unless someone throws a spanner in the works, that is – and working it all out is thoroughly absorbing. Writing, gaming, miniature painting, physical culture, and other dark procrastinations. The box art is good enough to frame and hang on your wall – there’s a depth to the image, and the artist cleverly draws your eye from the peasant farmers in the foreground to the battling ground forces in the rear, complete with menacing, giant mechs. Next time round I take the Trade action. Level up your Marvel: Crisis Protocol game with more XP. Finally, I get to place my Mech. The great thing is that, even when you lose big, the game doesn’t make you feel stupid, as you can see why and where you went wrong, and know that you won’t make the same mistakes twice (hopefully!). The game felt a lot tighter as we went up the player count. ( Log Out /  I’m so far behind I haven’t even received the invite! The rulebook is 31-pages of glossy loveliness. I can’t take the same action twice, and so I place my token in the Move section. When those invisible borders open, the game turns into some sort of engine builder with a Cold War-touch to it. This, as one has come to expect from Stonemaier Games, is a quality production. Short Stories and Poems - Mostly dark ones! Working your Player Mat to its best does require a certain amount of thought, and you need to be able to think a few moves ahead to get a feel on what you need to do now. I found I had to be more cautious, and ensure I didn’t leave any valuable resources unprotected, but I really enjoyed the game when playing at the higher player counts, and I preferred the added pressure it put on me not to make any mistakes. When you set out on your first game of Scythe, it is easy to form certain impressions: it’s very ‘heads down’ and lacks player interaction; it’s a race to get six stars; there’s not actually a lot for you to do. Artwork and Style: Before I dive into the game elements, I first have to tip my hat to the artwork. The amount of value in the base box is just stellar. Combat doesn’t happen as much as one may think, as conflict takes it out of both the involved parties, and this helps to avoid any one Faction being picked on, at least not too much! Packing away takes a little longer, but the handy diagram on the side of the box helps tremendously in fitting it all back in, nice and neat. Next turn I take Trade, gaining 2 wood, and take the Upgrade action, using it to free up an extra unit move, and then reduce the cost to build. My main mode of play is solo nowadays – so I decided to dedicate a blog to it. Change ), You are commenting using your Twitter account. Each faction has its own unique leader and unique set of mechs; the coins feel different from each other and resources are not just cubes but wood in the shape of the resources they represent. Once you’re a dab hand, you then try to get your name on the achievement sheet, particularly those hard to do ones, like trying to win without any Mechs! Set in an alternate history, the world is battling unrest and disarray in … Thanks, John. Top 10 Solo Games (Featuring Liz Davidson) Dice Tower 631 - Introductory Games. It’s such a simple system, but it works really well, and certainly presents a challenge, especially at the highest levels. This expansion comes with a modular board that allows for unique setup for resources (4 hex tiles), home base tiles (7), and Structure Bonus tiles (8). The fact that you can’t take the same action on consecutive turns (unless you’re playing the Rusviet faction), means you’re limited to a choice of three top row actions, which doesn’t sound likely to require too much thought, but you’d be surprised…, Let me give you an example: here’s the Mechanical Player Mat. Taking the Enlist action also gains me two coins.. Whilst pondering over the bottom row action, the next player can be begin their turn, thus speeding up the gameplay. To take this I would need 3 Oil, so again, I’m currently unable to do this. Oh! Newest Board Game Content. It’s in Scythe’s ability to weave together highly complex strategy mechanics with a world of beautiful inspiration – without resulting in a board game that feels bogged down, overladen and drawn-out – that Jamey Stegmaier’s perfected design shines. As I see the flames trembling, sending out waves of warmth, it seems just the right time for yet another board game review. This review of Scythe has two parts. The miniatures, whilst not the most detailed in the world, are more than acceptable for a board game in which they are by no means the main focus. The artwork of Jakub Różalski is what caught Jamey Stegmaiers attention, and so did mine. Those cost resources; you can execute them if you have the required resource. There is also a paragraph dedicated to each character, which provides a little of their background, and a section giving a thematic reason why each Faction has the ability they have. The Scythe modular board is kind of a weird product to try and review. There was too much set up and clean up time to make it worth the time to solo for me. It is all too easy to be holding it in the wrong place and have it flap open on you, which slowly degrades the folds, and over time you may need to give it a little TLC. Learn how your comment data is processed. Every game I played felt different to the last, as the combination of Faction and Player Mats varied, and there was always something new to try. Publisher: Stonemaier Games This stems from the way you select a unit to move, and where it will move to, which involves working out a unit’s ‘neighbourhood’. The game ends when one faction their sixth star on the achievement tracks, gaining stars for feats like deploying all four mechs, building all structures, or winning in combat. Hopefully, I’ve been able to give an idea of the game, and how, on first impression it may appear like your options are limited, when there is, in fact, a great depth to this game that I for one just loved. It also tells the player when it gains the ability to cross rivers and lakes. Note: This will be a Spoiler Free review of Scythe: Rise of Fenris Here is a quick recap of my Scythe history: Kickstarted Scythe Collector’s Edition. A random side of the board will be chosen before the four hex tiles are randomly placed in their designated areas. They list various things the Automa player gets, does, moves, or deploys. The player also gains any Structure bonus that they may have gained by the positioning of their Structures. When it’s you who places that final star to end the game, you’d better be sure you timed it right, and if you did then it’s a great feeling, as everyone else groans, ‘I only needed another couple or so turns!’. If Riverwalk is uncovered, then along with the Character they can cross rivers, and they can also carry workers and resources. Very much enjoyed this post Justin! It pays to take note of the in-play Structure Bonus Tile, which was drawn at the start of the game, as you can gain a bonus at the end of the game for where your structures are placed. Scythe - Solo Board Game. It arrived and I loved it. Solo games can be knocked out in 20 minutes! Take up the role of leader by assuming command of one of 5 factions, and set out to conquer the coveted "Factory". My current aim is to build a structure, which happens to be the bottom action of move. Of the included Factions, one of these is always Riverwalk, which enables your Character and Mech to cross rivers, though only to the specified territory types, and another is Speed, which increases the movement range of your Character and Mechs by an extra hex. The Dice Tower is dedicated to getting folks to learn about the wide world of exciting new board games. So, it’s about time I review one of my favourite games of the year. The random selection of these is right where the game really begins. The loser moves all units back to their home base and gains a Combat card if they spent at least 1 Power. Featuring The Wolf Lord Project (making all twelve Wolf Lords). The Mechs would look great in a larger scale, obviously they’d require additional detailing as they’re pretty basic, but the just look at the card art and you can get a feel of how these things would look on the tabletop. You pick up a Faction mat, and just by looking at the character and their surrounding environment enables you get a feel for just who they and what they represent. So, on my third turn I can now take a move action, and then follow it up with the bottom row Build ability. If you wanted to learn more about Scythe as a multiplayer game, sorry brah – this here review is solo only. Removing the recruit token uncovers one of the four on-going bonuses – Power, a Coin, Popularity, or a Combat card. When first using the system you will have your nose constantly in the rulebook, but it doesn’t take too long before it becomes second nature, and then things flow surprisingly quickly – I found a game against an Automa opponent was much, much quicker than against another player. Scythe Modular Board is an expansion for Scythe the board game.

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