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[108] After a fare hike to ¥0.50 in 1991, annual ridership declined slightly to 371 million. The Beijing Subway is the rapid transit system of Beijing Municipality, and consists of 22 lines including 20 conventional track metro lines, one maglev line and one light rail line. There were two metro lines until 2002, when a rapid-paced expansion left it with 22 lines and a length of 608.2 kilometers (378 miles). [3], The Beijing Subway opened in 1971 and is the oldest metro system in mainland China and on the mainland of East Asia. Elevated Line 5 station and platform at Tiantongyuan. Passenger services center. The average transfer distance at older interchange stations is 128 m (420 ft)[184] The transfer between Lines 2 and 13 at Xizhimen was over 200 m (660 ft) long and required 15 minutes to complete during rush hours. Lines 13 and Batong have converted 4-car to 6-car trains. Beijing Subway is the busiest metro system in the world. In 1990, the subway carried more than one million riders per day for the first time, as total ridership reached 381 million. The metro network is planned to be expanded up to a length of 877km with 22 lines. Each station has two to 15 ticket vending machines. The AFC machines are supplied by the following companies: Thales (Lines 1, 2 and Batong), Samsung SDS (Lines 4, 8 and 10), Founder, OMRON (Line 5), Nippon Signal (Lines 13 & Airport Express). [100] The world's deepest subway station at the time in the Kyiv Metro was only 100 m (330 ft) deep. As one of the key project plans of the Beijing Municipal Government in 2020, the new subway line is currently under construction. [108] The subway was closed from June 3–4, 1989 during the suppression of the Tiananmen Square demonstrations. Capital Airport Express trains sets are lighter than subway cars with rotary motors and can reach a top speed of 110 km/h (68 mph). [14] If the four-hour limit is exceeded, a surcharge of ¥3 is imposed. [126] It is managed by the MTR Corporation through a joint venture with the city. On December 28, 1987, the two existing lines were reconfigured into Lines 1, which ran from Pingguoyuan to Fuxingmen and Line 2, in its current loop, tracing the Ming city wall. Soviet experts began to leave in 1960, and were completely withdrawn by 1963. [214] The 19 ha (47 acres) park was built using dirt and debris removed from the construction of the Daxing Line and contains old rolling stock, sculpture, and informational displays. Metro, length. Most lines through the urban core (outlined by the Line 10 loop) run parallel or perpendicular to each other and intersect at right angles. BEIJING, Dec. 30 (Xinhua) -- The total length of operational subway lines in Beijing were extended to 637 km on Sunday with the trial operation of two extension lines. Daegu subway fire in February 2003), the subway removed all shops and vendors from the inside of stations and installed self-illuminating exit signs to facilitate emergency evacuation. The Beijing Subway system has 22 lines and over 350 stations! This makes it the second longest subway system in the world, only after Shanghai Metro. [135] Retroactively implying that the original three ring, four horizontal, five vertical and seven radial plan was part of Phase I expansion. [183], Interchange stations that permit transfers across two or more subway lines receive heavy traffic passenger flow. In February 1970, Premier Zhou Enlai handed management of the subway to the People's Liberation Army, which formed the PLA Rail Engineering Corp Beijing Subway Management Bureau. In 2017, the city's metro system measured 608 kilometers. S1 Line (Chinese: 北京地铁S1线; pinyin: běijīng dìtiě S-yī xiàn) of the Beijing Subway is a medium-low speed maglev line. In the future, it will connect with multiple urban rail transit lines through five transfer stations, as well as connect two suburban railway lines including the urban sub-center line and the northeast loop line to further improve the regional network. In July 2001, the Beijing Municipal Government reorganized the subway company into the Beijing Subway Group Company Ltd., a wholly city-owned holding company, which assumed ownership of all of the subway's assets. Platforms are equipped with half-high platform screen doors. 1. It now forms a rectangular loop around central Beijing, an area that is roughly equivalent to the old city, which includes the four precincts: Dongcheng Qu (Eastern Urban Precinct), Xicheng Qu (Western Urban Precinct), Xuanwu Precinct and Chongwen Precinct.

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