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Mr. Beaver | Horace Horsecollar | Nani Pelekai | Max Dennison | Lady Kluck | Be on the lookout for your Britannica newsletter to get trusted stories delivered right to your inbox. Athena was a Greek goddess of strategy and tactics. Will Stronghold | Little John | Winifred | Georgette | Princess Tamina | Murgatroid the Snake | Nasty Jack | Simba | Ariadne (/ ˌ ær i ˈ æ d n i /; Greek: Ἀριάδνη; Latin: Ariadne) was a Cretan princess in Greek mythology.She was mostly associated with mazes and labyrinths because of her involvement in the myths of the Minotaur and Theseus.The ancient Roman author Hyginus identified Ariadne as the Roman Libera/Proserpina at approximately the … Nakoma | Princess Marie | Robert Philip | Unfortunately, she died as … The Lone Ranger | John Smith | Thackery Binx | David Kawena | Waylon and Floyd | Commander Julius Root | Dr. Joshua Sweet | Organization XIII | (Axel | Xion | Roxas | ... Athena - Greek goddess of wisdom, defense, and war. See more ideas about Athena, Athena goddess, Greek and roman mythology. She is the patron god of … Queen Athena was the wife of King Triton, and the mother of Ariel, Andrina, Arista, Aquata, Adella, Alana, and Attina. Kenai | Of all her daughters, her youngest, Ariel, resembles her the most. Bagheera (2016) | Ethan Dalloway | Valiant | Cinderella (2015) | This is most obvious in the original release of The Little Mermaid II: Return to the Sea, at least 23 years following the film's ev… Prince Phillip | Uttamatomakkin | Dumbo | Despite their immortality and similarities to modern day superheroes, they are still plagued with personal flaws and negative emotions which caused destruction in their lives and the lives of other gods and mortals. Holt Farrier | Piglet (2018) | Demeter is a Greek goddess of fertility, grain, … Mowgli | It is possible that the animators of Athena based her appearance on the mature version of Ariel. Athena was probably a pre-Hellenic goddess and was later taken over by the Greeks. Naminé | Genie | Kovu | Athena was the goddess of reason, wisdom, and war. Athena the Goddess of Wisdom: Best Myths#GreekMythology #Mythology #SeeUinHistory #History #MythologyExplainedWiki: Athena or … Queen Leah | Aqua | Ryder Nattura | Sylvia Marpole | Lucy Pevensie | Bruno | Mortimer Mouse | According to Homer’s account in the Iliad, Athena was a fierce and ruthless … She was the daughter of Zeus, produced without a mother, so that she emerged full-grown from his forehead. She was essentially urban and civilized, the antithesis in many respects of Artemis, goddess of the outdoors. Merlin | Lady (2019) | Bugsy | As the guardian of the welfare of kings, Athena became the goddess of good counsel, of prudent restraint and practical insight, as well as of war. Mr. Meacham | Eeyore | Whales | Yet the Greek economy, unlike that of the Minoans, was largely military, so that Athena, while retaining her earlier domestic functions, became a goddess of war. Bagheera | Max Keeble | Jack Conroy | She led an army of Amazons to Troy to fight against the Greeks. Tantor | Flounder | Morogo | Athens is the capital city of Greece and has been continuously inhabited for over 7000 years. Principal Powers | Ted Johnson | Grand Councilwoman | Abu | Sergeant Monty | Alan Bradley | Captain Phoebus | Evinrude | Buck Cluck | Nora Sebastian | Madellaine | Jock | Belle | Flower | Herbie | Captain Gantu | Zoe Plummer | Chip Potts (2017) | Wilbur Robinson | Jack Pumpkinhead | Jock (2019) | Baloo | Sophie Piper | Being the favourite child of Zeus, she had great power. Gavin Magary | Take your favorite fandoms with you and never miss a beat. John Silver | Honeymaren Natura | Archimedes Q. Porter | Winnie the Pooh | They are shown to share a special song (known as "Athena's Song"). Jenny Foxworth | Mowgli (2016) | Data-Riku | Dixie | Ting-Ting, Su, and Mei | Along side her, Zeus created the Adamantine … The Greek goddess of marriage and family, Hera was the paragon of faithfulness, tragically fated to battle endlessly with her husband Zeus’s infidelities. Jaq and Gus (2015) | Merryweather | Aramis | Toaster | Mice (2015) | Flynn Rider | Athena appears in Homer’s Odyssey as the tutelary deity of Odysseus, and myths from later sources portray her similarly as helper of Perseus and Heracles (Hercules). Nov 13, 2013 - Explore sophia jones's board "athena omfg warrior queen" on Pinterest. Her symbols are the owl and the olive branch. Kala | White Fang | Snow White | Prudence | Wing Commander Gutsy | Grandmother Willow | Riley Poole | Master Eraqus | Gribble | Ryan | Lea | Pregnant, she escaped the threats of her father by running away and marrying Epopeus, king of Sicyon; Athena is one of the 12 Olympian Gods … Who is the Roman equivalent of the Greek god Ares? Ienzo | Bandersnatch | King Louie | Chief Bogo | Jake | Iago | Vidia | Olivia Flaversham | Hurley | Cogsworth | Megara | Ballerina | Granny Rose | Vixey | Colonel Haiti | They both have a similar hair color, and an acclaimed singing voice. Elsa Van Helsing | Hera also gave birth alone to Hephaistos (god of metallurgy) in retaliation for Zeus’ similarly single-handed birth of Athena. Prince Phillip (2014) | Mr. J. Thaddeus Toad | April, May and June | Athena represents Eve—the reborn serpent’s Eve in the new Greek age. Lauriam | Abigail Chase | Sam Flynn | King Richard | In post-Mycenaean times the city, especially its citadel, replaced the palace as Athena’s domain. Aphrodite had a weakness for lovers and a concern about those that rejected romance to the degree that Atlanta did. Chiro | Gabriella Montez | Ranjan | The Parthenon, on the Acropolis, in Athens. Eric | Judy Hopps | Earthworm | Tick-Tock the Crocodile | MotherQueen Bruno | Pleakley | Mother Cougar | Kairi | White Queen | Mighty Joe Young | Unfortunately, she died as a result of a run-in with a big pirate ship when Ariel was very young. Chen Honghui | Samson | She is also Eric's mother-in-law and Melody's maternal grandmother. Melanion fell in love with her. Shane Wolfe | Rafiki (2019) | In ancient times, it was one of the main city-states that competed for power against Sparta, Corinth and Thebes.It also provided the backdrop for various myths and legends for ancient Greeks.. Its name derives from the goddess of wisdom, Athena, who became the city's patron goddess … Zazu | Phillip Brainard | Frankie | She was said to have killed Achilles, but Zeus brought him back to life, and Achilles killed her. Tigger (2018) | Toughwood & Tailfeather | Thomas O'Malley | Jane | Our editors will review what you’ve submitted and determine whether to revise the article. Sarabi | Silvermist | This article was most recently revised and updated by,, Roman and Greek Gods - Facts about Athena, National and Kapodestrian University of Athens - Faculty of History and Archaeology - Athena’s Peplos: Weaving as a Core Female Activity in Ancient and Modern Greece, Athena - Children's Encyclopedia (Ages 8-11), Athena - Student Encyclopedia (Ages 11 and up). Chico | Although she was worshipped as a faithful wife and regal queen, the stories of Hera are filled with her attempts to get back at her husband and his mistresses. Foaly | When she learns of the Catfish Club, she sings a song remembering her mother and her love for music. Maurice | Other epithets were Promachos (of war) - perhaps referring to more patriotic, defensive, … Wasabi | King Triton (husband)Attina, Alana, Adella, Aquata, Arista, Andrina, and Ariel (daughters)Eric (son-in-law)Melody (granddaughter)Poseidon † (father-in-law)Neptune † (grandfather-in-law) Widow Tweed | Animated Features Hua Mulan | Aladdin (2019) | Willie | Athena became the goddess of crafts and skilled peacetime pursuits in general. Alias Tonto | She and Triton had been the best of friends ever since their childhood. Gale, Live-Action Movies They had one son, Telemachus. Her superiority also derives in part from the vastly greater variety and importance of her functions and from the patriotism of Homer’s predecessors, Ares being of foreign origin. Dexter Reilly | Will Turner | Jinmay | She was noted for her singing talent and her love of music. She and the Apocazons drink nectar that enables them to control plant life. Alistair Krei | Victor Frankenstein | Also in the Iliad, Zeus, the chief god, specifically assigns the sphere of war to Ares, the god of war, and Athena. Mittens | Denahi | Rajah | Elizabeth Swann | Moki | Let us know if you have suggestions to improve this article (requires login). However, pirates soon approach the cove and attack the merpeople. Fairy Godmother (2015) | Timon (2019) | Wolf | Lofty | Athena’s moral and military superiority to Ares derives in part from the fact that she represents the intellectual and civilized side of war and the virtues of justice and skill, whereas Ares represents mere blood lust. Perdita | Cody | Athena Jetstream | Zero | J.P. Spamley | George of the Jungle | According to one account, her beauty attracted Zeus, who, assuming the form of a satyr, took her by force. Riku Replica | Chad Danforth | Ariel | Sebastian | Flounder | King Triton | King Triton's Daughters (Attina, Alana, Adella, Aquata, Arista, Andrina) | Queen Athena | Benjamin | Ink Spot, Television Zini | Baymax | However, Hera … Cala | Greek Mythology: Goddess Hera: The Queen of Olympus - The Olympians #01#GreekMythology #Mythology #SeeUinHistory #History #MythologyExplained Ocean | Brain | Queen of Atlantica Simba (2019) | Jiminy Cricket | Grandma Tala | Mooch | Dumbo (2019) | Dylan Piper | Minnie Mouse | Mercury | Henrietta | Stan & Carmine | Wreck-It Ralph | Lulubelle | Ki | Timothy Q. Angus McBadger | Taran | Peter Pevensie | Moral and physical interpretation is often intermingled.…. Popeye | Sheik Amar | In the Baal Cycle texts, Anat appears as a war-goddess, initially called upon by her father El to set … Beast (2017) | Baboons | Anita Radcliffe | Fagin | Little Red Riding Hood | A major figure in the Odyssey, in which she instructed Odysseus, she also guided Perseus and Heracles through their trials. The queen of Olympus was known for her jealousy, spite, and schemes. Pongo | Beast | Articles from Britannica Encyclopedias for elementary and high school students. Gwen Piper | Akela (2016) | She was the Queen of Atlantica, and beloved by her family and subjects. Athos | Pecos Bill | Tigger | Cass Hamada | Sweet Polly Purebred | While certain figures from the Mycenaean era paralleled Athena in her essential attributes, traditional conceptions of Athena evolved during the Greek Classical period. Grammi Gummi | Nigel | Mad Hatter | Yelana | Oliver | Giselle | Jane Porter | Taylor McKessie | Gruff | The Gump | She was associated with birds, particularly the owl, which became famous as the city’s own symbol, and with the snake. Rapunzel | Sunny | Chance | Queen Athena was the wife of King Triton, and the mother of Ariel and her six older sisters. Jill Young | Owl | Grandmother Fa | Darwin | Roquefort | Winston | Encyclopaedia Britannica's editors oversee subject areas in which they have extensive knowledge, whether from years of experience gained by working on that content or via study for an advanced degree.... Who led the Argonauts in search of the Golden Fleece? Gruffi Gummi | Tinker Bell | However, their similarities are even more noticeable in, Although Athena and Ariel look quite similar, it is impossible for Ariel's appearance to be based on her mother's, because Athena made her first appearance in the third film while Ariel appears in all three, including the television series. They are celebrating their anniversary, and so Triton gives Athena a special music box that plays their song. Prince Charming | Madeline Robin | The Adventures of Jason and the Argonauts. Sora | Milo's Mother | Iridessa | Penny Gadget | Urchin | Gabriella | Ollie | Dudley | Pearl | Spot the Killer Whale, To spread the joy of music throughout her family, Athena smiles while holding hands with Aquata and Alana. Dalia | Sharpay Evans | Emperor Kuzco | Goodtime Charlie | Vitani | Allison | Borra | Eeyore (2018) | José Carioca | In ancient Roman mythology and stories, Hera is seen as the goddess Juno. Hiram Flaversham | Domovoi "Dom" Butler | Hecuba or Hecabe was the queen of Troy in Greek mythology, wife of King Priam and mother to nineteen children, the most famous of them being Hector, Paris and Cassandra.. She was the daughter of King Dymas of Phrygia and the Naiad Euagora. Annette, Collette and Danielle | Santa Claus | She famously sprung fully formed from the forehead of Zeus. Long John Silver | Melody | Big Mama | King Triton's Daughters (Attina, Alana, Adella, Aquata, Arista, & Andrina) | Cavin | Tom Sawyer | She inspired three of Phidias’s sculptural masterpieces, including the massive chryselephantine (gold and ivory) statue of Athena Parthenos once housed in the Parthenon; and in Aeschylus’s dramatic tragedy Eumenides she founded the Areopagus (Athens’s aristocratic council), and, by breaking a deadlock of the judges in favour of Orestes, the defendant, she set the precedent that a tied vote signified acquittal. Colonel | Athena, also spelled Athene, in Greek religion, the city protectress, goddess of war, handicraft, and practical reason, identified by the Romans with Minerva. Athena, also spelled Athene, in Greek religion, the city protectress, goddess of war, handicraft, and practical reason, identified by the Romans with Minerva. Ape | She was first mentioned in "Ghost of Medusa". Blue Fairy | King TritonSebastian Elliott (2016) | Url | Fa Mulan | However, Ariel and her sisters inherited their mother's love of and talent for music. Big Red | Mrs. Jumbo | Cougar cubs | Athena's death leaves Triton completely devastated. This meant she was shown often in … The qualities that lead to victory are found on the aegis, or breastplate, that Athena wears when she goes to war: fear, strife, defense, and assault. At some point, Athena created the Bronze Shield to aid Perseus. Marianne | Maid Marian | Sitka | Zazu (2019) | There was an alternative story that Zeus swallowed Metis, the goddess of counsel, while she was pregnant with Athena, so that Athena finally emerged from Zeus. She was later worshiped by the Romans … Charlie Calvin | Christopher Robin (2018) | Messua | Queen Anna | Windlifter, Shorts, TV Shows, Comics and Video Games Cassim | Anastasia Tremaine | Of all her daughters, her youngest, Ariel, resembles her the most. Roo | Captain | Epithets of Athena include Pallas (girl) and Parthenos (virgin), living up to which, she is conspicuous amongst the gods of Greek mythology for not indulging in illicit relationships with other divinities, demigods, or mortals. King Hubert | Lady | Mr. Grasshopper | Alice Liddell | Zach | In Ugarit. Jaq and Gus | Holly Short | Roger Rabbit | Wooster | Inspector Gadget | Pete (2016) | Nikki | Louis the Alligator | Philoctetes | Eli "Big Daddy" La Bouff | Nick Wilde | Morph | In Greek mythology Andromeda is the daughter of Cepheus and Cassiopeia, king and queen of ancient Ethiopia.Her mother Cassiopeia foolishly boasts that she is more beautiful than the Nereids, a display of hubris by a human that is unacceptable to the gods. She and Triton are shown to be very much in love. Hiro Hamada | Milo James Thatch | Blanky | Inspector Fix | Piglet | Athena was customarily portrayed wearing body armour and a helmet and carrying a shield and a lance. Jessica Rabbit | Huckleberry Finn | Bruton | Neewa | So he did what many frustrated lovers had done; he prayed to Aphrodite for help. KnowsMore | Mickey Mouse | Type of Hero The Little Mermaid: Ariel's Beginning Cash | Pip | Pete | The Sultan (2019) | Gregg O'Hara | Sarabi (2019) | Katrina Van Tassel | Grand Duke | Anastasia Tremaine (2015) | Kiara | Zunar-J-5/9 Doric-4-7 | Pinocchio | Goofy | The Sultan | Angel | Forest Animals | Razoul | Conall | Tramp | Ray the Firefly | This is most obvious in the original release of The Little Mermaid II: Return to the Sea, at least 23 years following the film's events, when Ariel has matured and become a mother herself. Finally, goddess Athena, his everlasting protector, brought peace to the island and Odysseus and his wife Penelope were reunited and happy at last. Queen Hippolyta is a fictional DC Comics superhero, based on the Amazon queen Hippolyta from Greek mythology.Introduced in 1941 during the Golden Age of Comic Books, she is the queen of the Amazons of Themyscira, the mother of Wonder Woman, and in some continuities, the adopted mother of Donna Troy.. Cloris … Data-Sora, Movies Penny | Data-Roxas | Trusty (2019) | Madame Upanova | Sergeant Tibbs | Lucky | Lars | Ebenezer Scrooge | Nanny | Gyro Gearloose | Maru | Susan Johnson | Cri-Kee | Mama Odie | Balthazar Blake | Troy Bolton | Martin | Copper | Dottie | Later, when confronting Triton over his ban of music, Ariel points out that her mother wouldn't have wanted music to be banned from the kingdom. Honey Lemon | Plio | Great Prince of the Forest | Aurora | Lumière | Runt of the Litter | Olaf | Prince Dastan | Lewis | Casey Newton | Michael Darling | Dusty Crophopper | Clopin | Frank Wilson | Victoria | She was the Queen of Atlantica, and beloved by her family and subjects. D'Artagnan | Her birth and her contest with Poseidon, the sea god, for the suzerainty of the city were depicted on the pediments of the Parthenon, and the great festival of the Panathenaea, in July, was a celebration of her birthday. Mrs. Potts | Ansem the Wise | Ventus | In Greek mythology, Hera was the daughter of Cronus and Rhea, and mother of Ares (god of war), Hebe (goddess of youth), and Eileithyia (goddess of childbirth), all with Zeus. Pascal | Freeze Girl | Ivan | Bernard | Abigail and Amelia Gabble | Sir Gawain | Gladstone Gander | | Varian | Tip and Dash | Chief Tui | Dinky and Boomer | Dr. Brenda Bradford |, Although Athena is briefly mentioned quite a few times prior to the release of, Athena bears a shocking resemblance to that of Ariel. Sally | Athena and Ariel's likeness could have partially contributed to the reason Triton is so protective of the latter. Sir Victor | She had sacrificed herself to save them. Baylene | Terence | Old Yeller | To spread the joy of music throughout her family (succeeded). Bridget | ... Hera - Queen of the gods and married to Zeus. Fix-It Felix, Jr. | Mufasa | Dodger | Corrections? Friar Tuck | Charlotte La Bouff | To honor the death of her mother Athena, Ariel finds her music box, but before she can give it to Triton and convince him to allow music back into the kingdom, the final battle begins when Marina carries the fishing net, bans Ariel from the kingdom and orders the eels to have her and Flounder eliminated before catching Sebastian. Shanti | Pluto | Oscar Diggs | Gusto Gummi | As a war goddess Athena could not be dominated by other goddesses, such as Aphrodite, and as a palace goddess she could not be violated. Panchito Pistoles | Ranjan's Father | Sparky | Bobby and Clank | She was essentially urban and civilized, the antithesis in many respects of Artemis, goddess of the outdoors. Duchess | Charles de Girl | Max | However, the Romans did not so much portray her as the jealous and vindictive kind. Glinda the Good Witch of the South | | Aslan | Muses | Sir Tuxford | Fairy Godmother | King Triton | Vexen) | Alan-A-Dale | Kessie | Percy | Cubbi Gummi | Gord | Strelitzia | Huey, Dewey, and Louie | Knotgrass, Flittle and Thistlewit | Wendy Darling | Arthur Pendragon | Toulouse | Jack Magary | Gosalyn Mallard | Jasmine | Skipper Riley | Rutt and Tuke | Aphrodite presented Melanion with three … Elionwy | Hobby Shank | Skeeter Bronson | Zak William Lake | The Little Mermaid: Ariel | Flounder | Sebastian | King Triton | Scuttle | Prince Eric | King Triton's Daughters (Attina, Alana, Adella, Aquata, Arista, Andrina) | Max | Grimsby | Carlotta Yao, Ling and Chien Po | Captain Amelia | Fauna | Fifi | Max Medici | Susan Pevensie | Ariel | Frank Walker | Alice Kingsleigh | Jim Evers | Carol Newman-Calvin | Dr. David Q. Dawson | Dave Douglas | Tod | John Darling | Vultures | Djali | Leslie Burke | Elliott She and Triton had been the best of friends ever since their childhood. She was widely worshipped, but in modern times she is associated primarily with Athens, to which she gave her name. Gepetto | B.E.N. Aurora (2014) | Queen Athena | Meeko | Ruby | Morgana Macawber | Mother Ginger | Aggie Cromwell | Ariel's Beginning: Athena was the wife of King Triton, and the mother of Ariel, Andrina, Arista, Aquata, Adella, Alana, and Attina. Abu (2019) | He knew that he was not fast enough to win the race. Yo Yo Flamingo | Bentina Beakley | MomQueen Athena Maggie | Thunderbolt | Gabriella | Greek mythology consists of all the stories and tales about the Greek gods, goddesses, and heroes. Blag | Dawn | Benny | Ratso | Rajah (2019) | Artemis Fowl | Mouse | Mr. Big | 28. Goals Bruni | That she ultimately became allegorized to personify wisdom and righteousness was a natural development of her patronage of skill. Vincenzo Santorini | Robe | Riku | Homer’s Odyssey tells the story of how, during her husband’s long absence after the Trojan War, many chieftains of Ithaca and nearby islands become her Max Goof | In fact, Athena's appearance was probably based on that of the matured Ariel from. Pistol Pete | Jack Skellington | Pumbaa (2019) | Scott Calvin | Stella | As a result, he tosses the music box in the ocean, bans music from the kingdom and raises his daughters very strictly because of evil and selfish mermaid Marina Del Rey. Rollo | Nick Parker | Cinderella | Duma | Most of the mermaids and mermen escape safely, Triton escapes carrying Ariel, Arista, Aquata, and Adella to safety while Andrina and Alana dive into the water to swim to safety, but Attina, the oldest princess, gets her tail stuck between two rocks. From fruits to winged sandals, test your knowledge in this study of Greek and Roman mythology. Darkwing Duck | Larry | Eema | Mertle Edmonds | Pirates Pumbaa | Powers/Skills Snickers | They share the song with their daughters, and use it as a lullaby. Khan | Maximus | Return to the Sea: Melody | Tip and Dash | Ariel | Prince Eric | Sebastian | Flounder | King Triton | Scuttle | Max Dr. Doppler | Lieutenant Mattias | Lumière (2017) | Kirby | Tik-Tok | Natalie Magary | Stitch | Rabbit | Rhino | The Emperor of China | Mr. Centipede | Bongo the Bear | The Parthenon was her chief temple in Athens, which is named in her honor. Data-Naminé | She may not have been described as a virgin originally, but virginity was attributed to her very early and was the basis for the interpretation of her epithets Pallas and Parthenos. Yao, Ling, and Chien Po | Underdog | Mr. Magoo | Enemies Athena’s association with the acropolises of various Greek cities probably stemmed from the location of the kings’ palaces there. Olympian Gods (Posidon, Aphrodite, Apollo) | Jenny Blake | Grace Meacham | Chief Powhatan | Miss Spider | Juliet Butler | Bolt | Queen Athena is shown to be a beautiful mermaid with long, red hair tied in a partial pony tail, green eyes, and a bluish green tail. Magenta | She was the Queen of Atlantica, and beloved by her family and subjects. Sara Evers | While her role in the Legend Quest universe is unknown, she was confirmed to be just as real as Quetzalcoatl and Fenrir. Hyacinth Hippo | In the Iliad, Athena is the divine form of the heroic, martial ideal: she personifies excellence in close combat, victory, and glory. Scamp | Trusty | Jumba Jookiba | Scuttle | Princess Calla | She wears a gold crown. Kevin Flynn | Basil of Baker Street | Nathaniel | Rosetta | Hercules | Marie | Sven | Megan | Flora | Anna Coleman | Rafiki | In Ugaritic texts, Anat is depicted as violent, delighting in war, but also as the establisher of peace; she is depicted as sexual and fertile, bringing forth offspring, while still continuing to be called a virgin and a maiden. Blade Ranger | Dave Stutler | Kronk | Berlioz | Omissions? Penelope, in Greek mythology, a daughter of Icarius of Sparta and the nymph Periboea and wife of the hero Odysseus. Atka | Athena was probably a pre-Hellenic goddess and was … Webby Vanderquack | Scrooge McDuck | Dani Dennison | Tummi Gummi | Daisy Duck | Giles Winslow Sr. | Franny Robinson | Kit Cloudkicker | Kida | Ben Gates |

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