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In "The Four is Lava", it is revealed that Firey did survive the lava, snatching Leafy before the intro. Firey's limbs are drawn by Cary and Michael Huang. In "Take the Tower", Firey is first seen getting extinguished by water from Spongy's body. Deadly God Firey (or DG Firey for short) is a fan made Firey character that only springs foruth if absolutely needed. Switched: Teardrop • Needle • Bomby • Yellow Face • Nickel • Spongy • Pencil • Ruby • Ice Cube • Book, Free characters: Bomby • Coiny • Evil Leafy • Firey • Flower • Fries • Gelatin • Golf Ball • Leafy • Needle • Nickel • Pin • Rocky • Spongy • Tennis Ball • Woody • Yellow Face, Current: Cake • Clock • Coiny • Eggy • Needle • Leafy • Pin, Eliminated: Spongy • Loser • Taco • Blocky • Firey • Woody. In "Half a Loaf Is Better Than None", during the hurdle jump challenge, Firey is knocked off at the same time as Pen. Firey The Names ultimately came in second after Rocky puked on the ground, causing them to slip. Shared Projects (88) View all . Hot New # 1. After looking around for a bit he finds it, but before he pushes it, he does a drumroll with Loser and Flower. Firey comes to the decision to make a gift for Leafy, ignoring the chance at immunity. _BFDI_FIREY_ New Scratcher Joined 2 years, 9 months ago United States Minor Outlying Islands. Then, after finding an area where no one can see them, he states that nobody likes her anymore and that he can't let anyone know he's friends with her because then they'll hate him too. Firey is a male contestant and the winner of Battle for Dream Island. After the Firey Recover Center slowly warms up, Firey is recovered. -firey-bfdi. This paints him as somewhat selfish and uncaring, given how he's willing to lie about not knowing Leafy to save face. However, from BFDIA onwards, Firey completely ignores Leafy and has a blank expression whenever nearby. His team's Dream Island is also destroyed, so he's up for elimination. Poll. Eliminated: Flower • Needle • Teardrop, Eliminated: Match • Dora • Puffball Firey can also be quite forgetful; e.g. Much to everyone's shock. Early BFDI He receives 64 votes again and is safe. Four is the main host of Season 4, Battle for BFDI.Four and his co-host X first appeared in the pre-BFDI video X Finds Out His Value. Special Thanks jacknellify Creator of BFDI. - Furry Ball Blue Firey He gets help from Leafy a couple of times, bakes a cake while everyone else turns in a clump of dirt, and is killed multiple times by Flower with water. Despite remaining friends, he still thinks she still has her BFDI 25 attitude. -firey-bfdi. Firey … In "This Episode Is About Basketball", during the contest, Firey attempts to throw a ball into his team's basket, but it lands right in front of him. During the challenge, he slaps Firey into Blocky, who is holding a nail, causing him to fall. KICK! He's also in Battle for Dream Island Again, IDFB, and Battle for BFB. 1. Posts (5) Wall (47) Firey . When they get back home, Firey presents Flower's present to her, who gives the team 10 points. He's also in Battle for Dream Island Again, IDFB, and Battle for BFB. I LOVE GODZILLA AND MY BROTHER BORIS IS THE BEST my old accont -dr_fox-Featured Project. Firey also laughs at Bubble's answer to one of the quiz questions. In "Yeah, Who? Firey is a male contestant in Battle for Sky City that first appeared in " BFDI Camp Sign Ups CLOSED ". Cape However, from BFDIA onwards, Firey completely ignores Leafy and has a blank expression whenever nearby. When Leafy tries to talk to Firey, he doesn't remember who she is. About This File. Firey reassures her that he doesn't care about any prizes and is just happy he's on good terms with her. Phantom Firey When Firey sweats he hurts himself. 6. Moderators. In the bug-killing contest, Firey attempts to burn the bugs but they are fireproof. 2. Over several days, Coiny and Firey continue slapping each other while on top of Tennis Ball. Firey and Rocky are the only characters on BFDI to be on all 3 teams at one point of the game. ok so i made an account and this is very awesome if you watched the last episode of bfdi you would know i won and i made up with coiny so coiny will share the account. During the challenge, Firey and the rest of the team gush over Loser, until Pin says that they should focus on the challenge. If you adopt this, He will knock you out with a spanner. Pronouns Camren's latest version of Firey, still has that damn one collision issue and those spam issues. They both fall off so he and Leafy are now facing each other. Also BFB 25 is the first episode where he's not competing (since then he was the only contestant that competed in every episode). Then, Dream Island disappears. Our carrier network has shown more than 300% increase in parcel shipments compared to this time las Can I Tell you something? Firey in my new show thumbnail (made by ranile studio/ rafaelzin32) In "It's a Monster", Firey is recovered and rides on Puffball to get to Yoyleland. Sort by: Hot. The JingJing Squisher (10 year anniversary), List of Battle for Dream Island characters, If X-MAS in Among Us was a BFDI Challenge, Battle for Dream Island: Official Character Guide/Instagram Promotion, Aw, Seriously? The following is from our shipping warehouse: The global shipping network has been overloaded due to heightened eCommerce volumes related to theCovid-19 crisis. Ever since March 10th 2018, DG Firey has come fourth and will vow vegance on any that mess with him or his friends. (early concept)"Take the Plunge: Part 1" (final concept) During the contest, Firey slaps Tennis Ball several more times, and the two stop working together. by BlueCappy91; Eraser vs. He eventually fires the laser, causing the sun to get hotter, and making X's aloe vera grow. He is the only character to not be turned evil by the evil mist. FCBA TFI: "Breath Holding Contest"BFDI: WinnerBFDIA: N/ABFB: "The Tweested Temple" On landing, Firey ends up lighting Bomby and then expresses his anger at Coiny being the last one still competing for their team. Firey is, as of now, the only contestant to win a season of the show. In the stinger ending, Woody detaches the Ferris wheel from its stand, causing it to roll away with Firey and Leafy still inside. He competed on Team No-Name during BFDIA, and he survived to appear in IDFB. Dumb Jerk (Coiny)The slappers (along with Coiny) (Tennis Ball)Dum-Dum (Leafy)Fireball (Leafy) It could be for the previous reasons that he is also the first character to be given an official plush. Though, by the end of Season 1, he seems to have developed more of a genuine understanding of his surroundings and interactions with the other characters, such as acknowledging his unintentional cruelty to Leafy and revealing his thoughts on the conflicts around him. "Yay! What I'm working on. She was the leader of the Squishy Cherries in Season 1 but was eliminated in "Power of Three". During Cake at Stake, he bets his life's earnings that the Announcer didn't sell the recovery centers and loses his money. Scratcher Joined 1 year, 10 months ago Canada. About me. When they reach island 2, Firey kicks down Snowball's tower of blocks and climbs the pole to grab the key so his team can skip stacking. See BFDI wiki for detailed canon info. DO THE MARIO!!!!! Take your favorite fandoms with you and never miss a beat. About me. Coiny (arch-enemy, in BFDI and BFDIA, partly in BFB)Flower[BFDI]DavidBookBombyBlockyPencil (sometimes, on her side)DonutTennis Ball (sometimes)Rocky (one sided, Firey's side)Flower Speaker BoxBell[BFB6]TeardropEvil LeafyIce Cube (one-sided, Firey's side)Snowball[BFDI6][BFDI12]Leafy(BFB 1-BFB 22)Gelatin[BFB20]WoodyLollipopBubble (sometimes)Announcer Eraser tells him not to fall next time. 2 Screenshots. Firey is one of the three contestants who own a speaker box that hosted for the show, along with, Firey is the second contestant to get the fewest votes right after the episode where they got the most votes, the first being. When the shoppers arrive at Yellow Face's Warehouse, Firey tells the other team that while it was fun riding the train with them, they should separate for the contest. SFW content only. He is up for elimination. Most visited articles. Firey is a male contestant and the winner of Battle for Dream Island. Find their other files; Share Followers 0. But doing this also seems logical on his end, given how Leafy stole Dream Island and committed other misdeeds, so if Firey were to "forget" Leafy, people wouldn't think poorly of him, and it could provide him a benefit in the competition. When the handstand contest commences, the three armless contestants immediately lose, and Rocky barfs on Firey. Explore Wikis; Community Central; Start a Wiki; Search Sign In Don't have an account? Following. BFDI(A) and IDFB Interactions In Bowling, Now with Explosions!, after Speaker Box told Firey he won immunity, Leafy replied angrily to this, with Firey re-replying that she's "Green with envy!" It is possible that Firey and Leafy have a crush on each other because in episode 20, when Leafy got killed by Spongy, Firey was sad. Before the episode ends, Leafy reveals how Eggy is one of her friends in response to Firey's statement earlier that she has no friends. Leafy tries to get out of fighting him while Firey mocks her and acts unamused with her behavior. just bfb styled firey from Battle For Dream Island. 1. Some of the contestants see this as insulting to Loser, resulting in Firey throwing Pin upwards into a basket, as an attempt to remove the "hater". In BFDI, Firey spent a good amount of time arguing and slapping Coiny. What I'm working on. During the challenge, he, Lollipop, and Gelatin discuss what they'll do for their parties. Coincidentally, he placed 1st in BFDI. This causes him to die when the ice melts. Firey ends up in the danger zone and is up for voting. Hee-hee, Firey, you're such a good friend!" I'm Firey! He falls on the bracelet and burns it in two, causing the only amount of damage to the opposing team's tower. They eventually make up, hoping to start over. He also displays signs of genuine sincerity, such as when he reveals his true feelings to Leafy about her. This is much to Tennis Ball's dismay, as he comments about being left with the "slappers". Gender Bunch in the tug of war contest. Clock is the last one to get inflicted by the twinkle, so the Losers are up for elimination. Some Asshole Who Didn't Let One Of His Best Friends On The DAMN ISLAND Firey was the only member of Another Name that was not originally on the Squashy Grapes. Firey says he's aware and didn't focus on immunity, so Four gives him 2/10, and he is up for elimination. In "Return of the Hang Glider", Firey won BFDI with 406 votes. Firey is worried that everyone will be mad at him and that he might get eliminated for making his team lose, so Leafy says that she'll tell everyone she stole the diary if he returns it. Ghost Firey tiny firey Kill count Firey, along with Leafy, Bubble, Ice Cube, Cheese Orb, Firey is one of the BFDI/BFDIA contestants to never be sent to the, Firey weighs less than 1/10th of an ounce, which was revealed in ", Firey is one of the three contestants who have joined a. Firey is one of four original contestants that never received the most elimination votes, the others being Golf Ball, Firey is one of the four contestants who won a prize in BFDIA, with the others being. 2. In "X Marks the Spot", Firey, referencing "X Finds Out His Value", tries to figure out why Four is upset. In the challenge, Firey tossed Clock up onto the swing. In "Why Would You Do This on a Swingset", Firey is shown barely smirking after Leafy is eliminated. Bio Since Aug 2019 (1 Year 92 Days) Learn or get Burned. He has 10HP at starting health but that changes as he levels up. When Flower starts melting the recovery centers, Firey pushes her into a furnace only for her to be instantly recovered, so that she could destroy his recovery center. by -FireyBFB-OFTFC 5 - (8) by -FireyBFB-OFTFC 5 - (6) by -FireyBFB-Favorite Projects View all. Coiny (archenemy, in BFDI and BFDIA, partly in BFB) Flower David Book Bomby Blocky Pencil Bubble Ruby Donut Rocky (one sided, Firey's side) Flower Speaker Box Teardrop Evil Leafy Ice Cube (one-sided, Firey's side) Leafy (BFB 1-BFB 22) Lollipop Bubble (sometimes) His team ends up being up for elimination again after Coiny's balloon is popped. 04/18/20. In "Take the Plunge: Part 1", Firey and Coiny were fighting on top of Spongy, Coiny was the first to slap the other. Four has very surrealistic mannerisms, including being able to deform characters, reviving them, screeching in order to stun characters, eliminating contestants by sucking them into it, and having the ability to shoot laser beams. :i have a crush on leafy XD. Socialize Forums Wall Posts Discord Members . Firey BFDI. Moments later, Firey tries to hang out with Leafy, but she calls him out for not defending her earlier, along with never apologizing for ignoring her for years, especially after she apologized for wronging him. 80 points 1 medal. r/Firey: A subreddit all about Firey from BFDI. Blocky chooses a box as a gift for Woody, which Firey agrees with completely since Woody could use it to hide from whatever he's scared of. Nicknames Image URL HTML embed code BB embed code Markdown embed code. In "The Escape from Four", Firey is one of the fourteen contestants to continue competing on BFB, rather than switching to TPOT. Firey and Leafy have been the closest friends since Episode … His favorite screen was some spikes with Coiny under it. In Memory of Loser, Episode Eliminated: TBA, Placement: TBA FANDOM. He/Him The BFDI Battle Wiki. He has 10HP at starting health but that changes as he levels up. Hot New # 1. Create an account or sign in to download this. In "Are You Smarter Than a Snowball? It could be for the previous reasons that he is also the first character to be given an official plush. Wonder what Coiny thinks of chocolate... Did You Know? with 7 votes.. He randomly appears with everyone else during Cake at Stake and was safe with 86 votes. In "Get Digging", Firey, Book, and Golf Ball talk about how they are going to get yoyleberries for their stew. for dying the most in the episode. Firey won Battle for Dream Island, Pencil won Total Firey Island which is a comic that was released before BFDI, OJ won Inanimate Insanity, Shieldy won Brawl Of The Objects, Orager won TROC 3 and Windowy won Object Filler. Episode eliminated What I've been doing. Green The comics in the series show the characters doing stuff, like climbing mountains. Entertainment Contests … Also i Am:Male IM THE REAL FIREY THERE ARE SO MANY CLONES OF MEH!!!!! Soul Firey (BFSU) Shared Projects (88) View all. What I'm working on. Followers. Home Minecraft Skins Firey (BFDI/BFDIA/IDFB/BFB) Minecraft Skin. Created Dec 27, 2019. Four and his co-hostXfirst appeared in the pre-BFDI videoX Finds Out His Value. "I WANT ANSWERS NOW! After David was eliminated, Firey was the only male with all limbs remaining. 282 Stories. The two hug, once again causing Leafy to burn to death. Fouris the main host of Season 4,Battle for BFDI. Late BFDI/BFDIA "Firey" is a comic series made by Cary Huang. Merry Christmas Eve everyone! Firey is now shipping. The Squashy Grapes win and are told they will get an eliminated player on their team. Near Extinguished Oxy (BFSU) Register Start a Wiki. in FSG 10, a giant Firey eats Lightning and gets shocked in the end. Hide Full Bio Read More . 3. 1. Balloony; Characters. Firey (Turbo) is a spoof of the 2013 Dreamworks Movie "Turbo". Submitter. Due to Firey using his tongue, their progress is halted, and then end up placing 3rd out of the four teams. Male About firey underwear is a meme that was created possibly by the user Cloudy eggs on YouTube, firey underwear consists of a character from the series bfdi with undewear, Michæl a creator of bfdi then make a song of this meme Also due to events in bfb 25 (watch it first if you haven't), the ScreenShotPFP tag will no longer appear unless I get bored and decide to screen shot any old bfdi episode with Firey on screen, I take jokes literally, so if I'm around in a chat let me know that it's a joke first. Despite this, Firey is determined to win, even winning Dream Island at some point (before Leafy bought out Dream Island as revenge for Firey not letting her in). Previous (BFSU) There happens to be another train nearby for them to use instead. Manual Download. This causes her to steal it. This makes Firey the only character with a pre-series. The two were then eaten by Evil Leafy. About me. Color were him being bitter about losing Dream Island even though he won the BFDI. Woody, however, gives them 0 points so they lose for the second time in a row. ", Firey is absent from the episode. Firey is the first contestant ever in BFDI to get individual immunity (in ". During the challenge, Bubble and Lollipop try to trick him into thinking they're Flower. Christmas Firey Show More. In the challenge, he remembers how spaceships usually come with a superspeed mode laser, which he intends to fire at the sun to make it grow. Negative relationships Pencil is the only winner that won a … This page is protected so if you remove a character, remove images, delete the page, add nonsense, add swear words, add hate messages, and rename the page to say inappropriate words we will tell an admin to ban you, So be careful! real_firey_from_bfdi. Like, too literally, so don't make jokes about things that didn't happen when I am around -_-" I am also the creator of Chromey, DG Firey, Smash Ball, Assisty and I-B Firey, all which are OCs. Battle For Space Palace; Anthony's BFDI/II Camp; IDFB Camp; Battle For Lanceland; Super Dumb Objects; RFVP Season 1: The Official Information; PowerPointninja's Object Camp ; Battle for Cake Kingdom; After BFDIA, Before IDFB; BFDI Junior; Inanimate Insanity. Although he tries to be protective of his friends, especially Bomby and Spongy, Firey Jr is seen as largely insensitive. As she mentions that the seeds are fast-growing while the seed thrown in the pot starts to grow, they start to sweat. Firey and Pencil often share the same scream, perhaps because they sound similar, and they both are voiced by. Firey usually does not appear everywhere, instead, he will appear out of nowhere, laughing at Bomby, if Bomby is knocked out 5 times. The argument ends after when Coiny says that he thought Firey called himself slow. : Firey is the lightest of all BFDI characters, only being weighed down by his limbs. He also apologizes for being so cold and rude to her for years. In the volcano challenge, Firey almost wins thanks to his immunity to magma, but he is eaten by the Fire Monster as the volcano erupts. Gender ", Firey continues to get into slap fights with Coiny during the crying contest. Firey is seen screaming locked in a cage dangling from the top of the Yoyle Needy, which he was put in by FreeSmart as punishment for something yet to be revealed (though "Who Stole Donut's Diary?" But as it turns out, that might be what you get, Jacknjellify's War of The Worlds (EvanVizuett), Jacknjellify's War of The Worlds 2: The Next World, Battle For Dream Island (2021 Live-Action),, Firey in my new show thumbnail (made by ranile studio/ rafaelzin32), Fletcher Flayms (Jokshoofficalonscratch77), Fred "Firey" B. Jackson (Weteraneq Animations), Madrid, Spain - But moved to Scottsdale, Arizona at 3 years old (ScriptNGaminGG), 1/2 Spanish, 1/4 German, and 1/4 Russian (ScriptNGaminGG), Fuego - Spanish (Both Latin American and Castillian Spanish) and Aragonese, Fogo - Portuguese (Both Brazillian and Lusitanian Portuguese) and Galician, Feuer / Firey - German (Which surprisingly, he can speak). Firey - Gender: Male, Team: The Losers! fireafy bfdi bfb firey leafy coinpin bfdia idfb tengolf battlefordreamisland bfbleafy bfbfirey coiny objectshows pin fireyxleafy battleforbfdi 4x tpot objects. Firebulb Since 2010, millions have watched Firey complete his animated journey to win the coveted Dream Island. Firey is fighter#01. Firey also reads the last rule, saying that players can switch teams before a contest. He is the best contestant ever in history. Read Tiktok famous from the story Ask Firey ! Firey is shown to be very scared of everyone at the beginning, but as the show progresses he becomes more like flower and he develops a crush on her and they have multiple children.... only Firey ISNT THE FATHER!!! He, along with Four and his thirteen opponents, are transported by Two to an unknown area to compete. Firey and Leafy try to take out Spongy but aren't able to hit him. -Firey (BFDI 1b: Take the Plunge) I'm chill most of the time, but that doesn't mean I can't get angry. In "A Leg Up in the Race", Firey and Coiny continue their feud with each other, while Tennis Ball tries to break it up. Firey is yet to be a competitor in a season of BFDI for more than 25 episodes. In "Insectophobe's Nightmare 3", Firey is safe with 111 dislikes. Firey (comic series) I LOVE GODZILLA AND MY BROTHER BORIS IS THE BEST my old accont -dr_fox-Featured Project. Firey's gift is revealed to be a Ferris wheel that drops both water and lava so he and Leafy can both ride it. Online. Plush Old School In "Insectophobe's Nightmare", Firey is put on team Another Name when the Grapes split into two teams of five, unfortunately being placed with Coiny again. It wasn't Woody who robbed Firey from us, It was Lollipop! Voiced by Firey and Coiny are rivals. TFI Later Firey is nearly sucked into a black hole until it's sold for budget cuts. He doesn't fit neatly into any one category. Firey is one of the few characters who have gotten the most likes, the others are, Firey's personal OMGs are "Oh My Spark" in, Despite being fatally allergic to water, Firey is still able to salivate and sweat, as shown in ". ", Firey is the first safe in Cake at Stake. Leafy stretches her arm out to stop him from rising too high, feeling bad that his good deed for her last episode cost him his chance at winning. Therefore, TFI has 16 characters and 2 … ", Firey is safe with only one vote. Firey can cook without an oven, but Coiny can't. In the long jump contest, he doesn't jump since Flower ends up throwing him. Firey is one of the many characters who are immune to lava. firey is a contestant eliminated in bfdiw 5 Deaths Edit. Message the mods . The two continue to argue throughout the episode. This paints him as somewhat selfish and uncaring, given how he's willing to lie about not knowing Leafy to save face. White Firey When picking the names he wants the team to be called The Losers! In "How Loe Can You Grow? He ends up getting killed in Bomby's explosion. In "Bowling, Now with Explosions! him not realizing that lava can kill Leafy in Insectophobe's Nightmare 2, seemingly forgetting who Leafy is in "Get in the Van" and events afterward (though this is proven to be false). 3. At some point Leafy tries to talk to him but Lollipop tells her to leave since they are talking. real_firey_from_bfdi. They eventually trip over Rocky and form into a giant snowball. Firey's team tower suddenly starts rumbling. Firey is a character in Battle for Smash Ultimate. Appearance Edit. Firey suggests getting bug larvae for Flower, making Taco have to remind him that Flower is afraid of bugs. 0 + Follow - Unfollow Posted on: Jul 11, 2020 . Firey can be seen spinning in the BRB in "The Hidden Contestant". He is safe from the danger zone again. BFDI: WinnerBFDIA: N/ABFB: The Tweested TempleABFB: TBASV : N/A WIJTTEFET He ends up winning immunity anyway when his Speaker Box claims he has the most beauty. In "Lofty", Firey receives three votes at elimination to Coiny's five, and the two express their anger about the other not being eliminated. Firey does his part and returns the diary, but gets caught by X, who goes back to the courtroom to tell Four who the true culprit is. He gets 19 points. X gets too hot however and gets a sunburn that sets him on fire. Firey is currently the only contestant ever to be the sole member on his team, as he was the only member of. Firey was eliminated in "The Tweested Temple" with 12,705 votes. IDFB In "Insectophobe's Nightmare 2", Firey ends up getting Leafy killed by the lava fall that he included with his Ferris wheel. Old Alternate Costumes (BFSU) Firey's BFDI Viewer Voting Studio BALLOONY FANCLUB BFDI: The Game Studio Firey's Random Camp Thing Studio ️The Official Scratch Fireafy™ Studio ️ Battle For Dream Island Studio (BFDI) Roleplay Studio Firey and Leafy's Secret Hideout until teams were disbanded in "The Game Has Changed" when BFB reached its stage in the competition. Michael Huang, BFDI: WinnerBFDIA: N/ABFB: "The Tweested Temple", BFDI: 1st (406 votes)BFDIA: N/ABFB: 8th (12,705 votes), "Take the Plunge: Part 1" (final concept). In "Barriers and Pitfalls", during the obstacle course, Coiny blows a raspberry at Firey, so Firey slaps him hard enough to s… BFDI/BFDIA He invited everyone to join him on Dream Island, however, Leafy wasn't allowed in, due to her "rejection" of his Ferris wheel. A subreddit all about Firey from BFDI. Once the balloon contest begins, Coiny laughs at Firey for his fear of heights. Not necessarily one, but a type that's called a balsa. In the stinger ending, Four tells Firey that he won't tell anyone he stole the diary and punishes him with the task of cleaning the entire railway. He competed on The Soaking Strikers until he was eliminated in " BFSC 4a Are You Challenging Me? " Firey's book pose is based on a similar pose but with the BFDI/BFDIA limbs. Community . He is the best contestant ever in history. Taco then successfully throws Pin's blueberry seeds into the pot, making Firey and Coiny cheer until Pin asks if they've seen her seeds. Explore; Sign In ; Get App ; Featured; Latest; Wiki; Polls; Quizzes; Shared Folder; About; Firey Coiny . Login; or; Sign up; Dark mode. Although he won the competition, he didn’t win Dream Island because Leafy bought Dream Island from the Announceras revenge for not letting her get into the island. In the end, before Leafy gets crushed, Firey swoops in to save her. The reason for this is explained in "The Four is Lava" when he tells Leafy that he didn't want to be associated with her because Leafy stole Dream Island. Art. Leafy invites Firey to join them, but he says he needs to stay loyal to his team, but will definitely ride with her next time. Sun Firey end up winning the contest. It's also shown that he, like the rest of his team, didn't realize Clock had been missing. Firey is a fast runner, but Coiny isn't. David is also not included, as he was not introduced until Vomitaco since he was neither made by Cary nor Michael Huang. Color Firey can be seen talking about Leafy in the stinger ending. See BFDI wiki for detailed canon info. Sign up to access this! Firey consistently acts as a solid, such as being able to sit down, having a string tied around him, and being able to get slapped. Firey. He is voiced by Michael Huang. Firey is the only finalist to make it into Season 2 (due to the death of Bubble and the absence of Leafy). Firey is unable to finish his quiz because of the rain. fireafy bfdi bfb firey leafy coinpin bfdia idfb tengolf battlefordreamisland bfbleafy bfbfirey coiny objectshows pin fireyxleafy battleforbfdi 4x tpot objects.

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